Vacant and Underutilized Sites Inventory

Vacant Residential Land Inventory

The vacant land analysis focuses on the current supply of vacant land within the existing USA with a residential General Plan land use designation of Hillside Residential, Low Density Residential, Medium Density Residential, High Density Residential, and Specific Plans - Hecker Pass, and Glen Loma Ranch. The vacant land analysis also takes into account residential development opportunities in the downtown. 

Defining Vacant Land: The survey identifies land as vacant (or not vacant) as of November 19, 2021. Physically vacant land may have approved entitlements that make the land more readily developable. In many cases, the City approves concurrent residential subdivision maps and architectural and site approvals. For purposes of this report, residential land is considered vacant if it is substantially underutilized and has a residential General Plan land use designation. Subdivided residential lots are considered vacant until a building permit is granted for development of the lot. The report considers land available for primary dwellings, and does not consider the potential for accessory dwelling units that could be constructed on lots with an existing primary dwelling. 

Currently Vacant and Underutilized Residential Land: Quantifying the existing supply of residentially-designated vacant land within the Gilroy USA involved mapping land thought to be potentially vacant, and then eliminating those parcels for which building permits had been obtained or on which substantial residential development existed. For areas with an approved final subdivision map, potential for development is based on the number of subdivided lots, equating to one dwelling unit per lot. In areas without an approved final subdivision map, including land in the Medium and High Density designations, the build-out is assumed to follow the density provided as a development target in the General Plan.