Health Insurance Open Enrollment for Current City of Gilroy Employees 

The Open Enrollment period begins Monday, September 10, 2019 and ends on Friday, October 5, 2019.
During open enrollment, you will have the opportunity to make changes to your medical, dental and optional benefits such as vision, voluntary life insurance and AFLAC plans. This is also the time to sign up or re-enroll in the optional 2019 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program with Discovery Benefits.​​The effective date for all changes made during the Open Enrollment period will be January 1, 2019. ​​All Open Enrollment Forms are provided below.  

CalPers Health Benefit Options: CalPers customized health plan statements are available for your review by visiting you my|CalPers account at my|CalPers.  You will have access to your current health plan, dependents enrolled in the plan and some highlights on health plan changes. Also, upon request, Human Resources staff can provide you information on what plans you are currently enrolled in and employee premiums for 2019.  In addition, CalPers has some online resources to assist you in making important health plan decisions for you and your family.  Provided below are the direct links to those resources provided by CalPers.

2019 Cafeteria Rate Plan Information (Medical, Dental and Vision)​

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Cash In Lieu (Medical Waiver): City of Gilroy employees have the option of waiving medical coverage provided that they can show written proof of other health plan coverage. If coverage is waived, the employee will receive the “employee only” tier medical amount in their cafeteria plan allotment. Employees will receive this portion of the allotment, less the required CalPers medical contribution ($136.00 for 2019) and less the required dental premium. Dental coverage cannot be waived. Employees must enroll themselves and their qualified dependent(s) in one of the Delta Dental plans; however enrollment for children can be waived until the age of 4. If an employee is selecting this option for the 2018 plan year, they will need to complete the City of Gilroy Medical Plan Waiver/Cash-In-Lieu form and attach proof of other medical coverage. This form will need to be completed for each plan year as it does not carry over from year to year. If not already enrolled with a City of Gilroy medical plan and do not complete the City of Gilroy Medical Plan Waiver/Cash-In-Lieu form employees will automatically be enrolled in the lowest cost Employee Only medical plan for 2019. ​​Below is the form needed to waive coverage. 

Dental: Enrollment is mandatory for all benefited employees. Employees must enroll themselves and all of their eligible dependents into one of the two dental plans available. Below are the benefit summaries for both Delta Dental and Delta Care. ​​

Vision: Enrollment is optional for all benefited employees. Below is the benefit summary for Superior Vision. ​​

Flexible Spending Account (FSA): To enroll or continue to participate in the Discovery Benefits FSA plan (Medical  Reimbursement or Dependent Care) employees will need to complete the annual enrollment form (located below).  It is important to note that continued enrollment in this plan does not carry over from year to year.  The maximum yearly pre-tax deduction for the medical expense account is up to $2,000 and the dependent care is up to $5,000.  There is a monthly participant fee (employee paid) of $4.50 which is set up on a pre-tax basis. The participant fee also applies through the end of the 90 day grace period (March 31, 2020) for the 2019 plan year.   This is a "use it or loose it plan".  Participants of the plan are responsible to ensuring that they have submitted all receipts required to substantiate medical expenses during the plan year.  Failure to do so, will result in the participant repaying the money back.  Below is the form and benefit guide to enroll for the 2019 plan year.


Cigna Life Insurance: Life and Accident and Death Dismemberment coverage is provided to all eligible employees by the City.  The benefit amount varies by bargaining group.  In addition, employees may purchase additional life insurance up the $250,000 in increments of $10,000 during the open enrollment period. They may also purchase supplemental life insurance for their spouse and/or child(ren).  We also encourage employees to use this open enrollment period to update their beneficiary information.  Below are the forms.

Other Forms: Through experience, we found that many employees have outdated information on file that needed to be updated.  It is best to update the information before it is needed for an emergency. Below are the forms that can be used to update beneficiary, emergency contact and power of attorney.  We are asking employees to update and submit a new Employee Information and Emergency Contact Information form by Friday, October 5, 2018. 

For additional information or questions please feel free to contact Adriana Contreras at (408) 846-0285 or Shirley Kim at (408) 846-0249.