Santa Clara County Moving into Red Tier of State's Blueprint for a Safer Economy 

Revised: March 2, 2021


County to Align with State Framework, Lifting Most Local Directives:

Following the State of California's announcement that Santa Clara County has met the requirements to move into the Red Tier of the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, the County of Santa Clara Health Officer announced today that the County will align with the State's framework and allow activities open in Red Tier counties to resume, effective Wednesday, March 3rd. 

The County's October 5th Risk Reduction Order, which requires everyone to follow all State orders and guidance, maintain distance, wear face coverings as much as possible, will remain in effect.

To keep yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors, and our broader community safe, follow these core principles:

1. Stay outdoors. Outdoor activities are far safer than indoor ones.

2. Stay Masked. Consistent use of face coverings both indoors and outdoors, especially double-masking, is very effective at preventing spread of coronavirus.

3. Maintain at least 6-foot distance from others. Social distancing from those who do not live with you is effective at keeping the virus away.

4. Avoid crowds. The fewer people you encounter and the fewer interactions you have, the lower the change the virus will spread.

5. Get vaccinated when it is your turn. All federally approved vaccines work well and will help keep you, your family, and your friends safe.

For additional details regarding gathering's and/or large events please visit the Santa Clara County Public Health website:  Mandatory Directive on Capacity Limitations - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - County of Santa Clara (sccgov.org) 

A special event is required if any of the following conditions meet the requirements:

  • Large Scale Meeting
  • Concert
  • Live music
  • Assembly
  • Fundraiser
  • Blocking of Streets
  • Parade or Procession
  • Use of sound amplifying system of any kind or any other similar display 

For additional details and or examples to determine if your event requires a Special Event Permit, refer to the Special Events and Block Party Brochure in the Resources column.

A SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT needs to be applied for at least 30 days prior to the event date


  1. Obtain a Special Event Permit Application.
  2. If renting a City Park, call the Recreation Department (408) 846-0460, Park Rentals first and process a reservation.
  3. Complete the Special Event Permit Application Form. Complete pages 1 and 2, sign page 4 and 5 if applicable, and attach a site plan. Include a traffic control plan and neighborhood notification plan if blocking streets. If you are using any Public Property a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Gilroy as also insured, including an Endorsement page, must be provided.
  4. Turn in the form 30 days prior to the event date. The completed application can be emailed to Christina.Ruiz@cityofgilroy.org
  5. If there is additional information requested or the application was found incomplete you will be contacted via email and asked to make the application complete. If the application was approved you will be emailed or contacted to pay any fees and/or provide any additional documents such as a Temporary Health Permit, ABC License, Business License, etc.
  6. For final processing, pay any fees due to the Finance Department. Form of payment by credit card, please call the Finance Department at 408-846-0420 or by check mailed to: Attn: Business Licensing/Special Events Permits, City of Gilroy, 7351 Rosanna St, Gilroy CA 95020. You will then receive an emailed copy of your Final Special Event Permit.
ANY PUBLIC event that sells or distributes food shall follow the County Department of Health Food Safety Requirements and obtain permits from them as required. Call County of Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health at 408-918-3400 for temporary event food permitting information.