Youth Scholarships

Youth Scholarship Fund

The City of Gilroy Recreation Department is pleased to offer Youth Recreation Scholarships to Gilroy city residents who live within the Gilroy Unified School District boundary lines and are unable to participate in fee-based recreation programs due to economic constraints. Since this fund is comprised of donations made by service clubs, corporations, businesses and individuals from our community, scholarships will be granted based on availability of funds. To receive financial assistance, youth scholarship applicants will pay for 60% of the recreation program fee. Each approved applicant will receive up to $100 to be used for recreation programs within a calendar year. Youth Scholarships cannot be combined with any other scholarship or waiver. Applications must be submitted to the Recreation Department office a minimum of two (2) working days before the desired activity is scheduled to begin. Scholarship participants must be 17 years old or younger to qualify.

For further information, please call the Recreation Department at (408) 846-0460.