Public Works Department

Department Vision: Enhancing quality of life through excellent service, dedication and organizational commitment.

Department Mission: We are dedicated to integrity and fiscally responsible stewardship of the environment and public infrastructure through excellent and efficient customer service

Public Works Department Services as of 6/01/2020

Public Works Department remains committed to the health and safety of our community. Your health and safety is our top priority and we are committed to working together to help our community get through this together. 

In compliance with Shelter in Place Order from the County of Santa Clara, City Hall is CLOSED and services are limited. At this time, we are committed to providing essential services to the community. In order to ensure the safety of our employees and our customer, we have implemented the following:

  • To the extent practicable, all services will be conducted via email, by other electronic means or virtually. No members of the public will be allowed inside City Hall at this time.
  • All payments will be done over the phone or through bank wire in coordination with the Finance Department.
  • We will require proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) per County and OSHA guidelines for staff in the field. Protocols are also required of the developer/contractor for the job site. This information will be provided to you in advance and inspectors will not perform any inspections for developers/contractors who fail to adhere to required protocols.
We are here to help as much as we can, and we look forward to continuing to do business with you.

If you have any questions after reading this information, please call (408) 846–0223 or email us at

Current List of Department Services Available to the Public During the COVID-19 Shelter in Place

Development Application Review and Engineering

  • Review of development projects
  • Inspection of projects
  • Coordination/review of maintenance agreements
  • Storm water compliance reviews as necessary

Transportation and Encroachment Permits

  • Transportation permits for hauling of material to support essential services, and encroachment permits, will continue to be processed by the City. Please submit the permit application via email to The permit application is available on our City website at

​Traffic Signals and Streetlight

  • The City will continue to maintain operation of traffic signals and street lights
  • To report traffic signal outage please call (408) 846-0354
  • To report streetlight outage please call (408) 846-0293

Capital Improvement Program

  • Continuing preparation and review of CIP budget
  • Continuing implementation of existing CIP projects


  • Maintain safe operation of emergency, first response and Public Works vehicles
  • Ensure the safe and continuous operation of generators and fuel islands

​Public Parks and Facilities

  • Public parks are open. However, playgrounds, skate parks, dog parks, handball courts, and basketball courts are closed. Tennis courts are opened at this time. 
  • Due to potential of virus transmission, the City has turn off water fountains in compliance with the County recommendations in all parks.   
  • The City will continue to ensure the safe operation of parks with weed abatement, opening and
    closing parks, and emptying trash bins
  • The City will also continue to maintain essential buildings with increased custodial services


  • Maintain Water Supply and Treatment
  • Ensure the safety of all wells, water mains, booster stations and reservoirs
  • Water service turn-ons
  • Water quality testing
  • For questions regarding your water service or payments, or to request new water service please call (408) 846-0420 or via email at


  • Maintain safe wastewater collection system
  • Ensure the safety of siphons and lift station
  • Maintain Sewage Treatment operations
For more information regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) update, please visit the News Flash page.

Department Purpose

Public Works designs, builds and maintains the City’s water, wastewater, storm drain, street, sidewalk, park, landscape, urban forest and related infrastructure. The department is also responsible for managing various city facilities including buildings, building systems, parking lots, shelters as well as the entire fleet for the City of Gilroy. The department prepares and coordinates the capital budget for facilities and the capital and maintenance budgets for all City infrastructure.

Public Works reviews new developments to ensure that all new public infrastructure is in compliance with City, State and Federal codes, regulations and standards.

The department oversees the capital budget and operation of the South County Regional Wastewater Authority (SCRWA).  SCRWA treats the wastewater for the Cities of Gilroy and Morgan Hill and produces recycled water for South Santa Clara County.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
The Department of Public Works is tasked with managing the City's 2-year and 5-year CIP. The department is responsible for the following:  

  • Identifying existing system deficiencies and proposing improvements to enhance system reliability (Maintenance Related).
  • Summarizing improvements needed to service anticipated future growth (Capacity Related).
  • Developing a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) with 2 year, 5 year and 20 year plus planning horizons.
  • Overseeing the planning, design, construction and commissioning of city infrastructure.