Water Conservation

On April 7th, 2017 Governor Brown lifted the drought declaration for most of California.  We are currently assessing our water supplies and needs in conjunction with the Santa Clara Valley Water District.  As things develop we will keep you updated on policy changes but for now please follow the current restrictions as noted below.  

Thanks Gilroy-you've done an excellent job conserving our water resources over the past couple of years.  

Gilroy pumps most of our water from underground aquifers.  Do your part to protect this shared resource and make a choice to use water wisely. Click on the links to your left for water-wise tips and information about rebates.   

Report water waste on the Water Conservation Hotline:

The City of Gilroy has declared a Level 1 water shortage.  
Find watering schedules and the current restriction information below.
To view the full text of the ordinance click here 
Level 1 Summer Schedule
Level 1 Winter Schedule
Watering Restrictions Level 1