Community Development Block Grant Funds

Annual Entitlement Grant
Gilroy receives an annual entitlement grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development(HUD). These funds are to be used locally to benefit primarily low and moderate income individuals or neighborhoods, including the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area in Census Tract 5126.01 (Monterey Street and surrounding area).

Annual Action Plan
The city submits an annual action plan for use of these funds to HUD every May 15. The draft plans are available for public comment. For more information contact Daniel Murillo, Housing and Community Development Coordinator at 408-846-0209.

Draft 2016 - 2017 Action Plan
The City of Gilroy invites you to review and comment on the attached 2016-17 Draft Annual Action Plan.
The 30-day public review period begins April 1, 2016 and ends May 2, 2016.  The Action Plan describes the programs and projects that will be undertaken in the upcoming fiscal year to address the priorities of the second year of the 5-year Consolidated Plan 2015-2020.

La Ciudad de Gilroy le invita a revisar y comentar sobre el adjunto Plan de Acción Anual del año fiscal 2016-17. El período de revisión pública de 30 días comienza el 1 de abril, 2016 y termina el 2 de mayo, 2016. El Plan de acción describe los programas y proyectos que se emprenderán en el próximo año fiscal para atender las prioridades del segundo año del Plan Consolidado de cinco años, 2015-2020.