Consolidated Plan

Addressing the Community's Needs

The Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development annually allocates a series of grants to local jurisdictions for community development activities. As a requirement to receive these entitlement grants, Title I of the National Affordable Housing Act mandates that jurisdictions prepare a 5-year Consolidated Plan (PDF) that identifies local community development needs and sets forth a strategy to address these needs. The Consolidated Plan must address both affordable housing and non-housing related community development needs. The needs are targeted to low-income persons or low-income areas. 

Community Input Needed for Gilroy's 2020-2025
Consolidated Plan, Assessment of Fair Housing Plan

Community Development Block Grant: Building Communities Coast to Coast

In collaboration with Santa Clara County and various cities, several meetings were held and online/paper surveys conducted throughout the county to facilitate input to identify and prioritize community needs for the upcoming 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan and Assessment of Fair Housing Plan.  

These plans, to be adopted by the City Council in late Spring/early Summer 2020, will guide the allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and other federal funds in Gilroy, for our residents with the greatest needs, and will assist in identifying the existing barriers to fair housing and finding solutions to overcoming those barriers.