Traffic Engineering Services


Traffic Engineering is responsible for a wide variety of activities including:
  • Coordination of transit facilities
  • Design and operation of traffic signs and pavement markings
  • Design, operation and maintenance of traffic signals and street lights
  • Gilroy High Speed Rail Station area and alignment master planning
  • Long range transportation planning
  • Neighborhood traffic management
  • Pedestrian and cycling issues
  • Permits for on-street parking, construction and street events
  • Road and sidewalk maintenance
  • Short range transportation planning
  • Sidewalk repair and replacement program
  • Traffic signals and traffic safety
  • Traffic signs and pavement markings

Engineering & Traffic Survey (Speed Survey)

The Transportation Engineering Division conducts a citywide Engineering and Traffic Survey every seven years to establish speed limits and to ensure speed limits are set appropriately for current conditions. Please see the 2019 Speed Survey (PDF) for more details.