Construction / Installation Permit
The Hazardous Materials Program uses the same application form as the Building Department for obtaining a permit to install or remove underground and above-ground tanks, hazardous materials equipment (processing or monitoring). This form is to be submitted with plans and specifications to the BLES permit counter at City Hall.

Hazardous Materials Storage Permit Occupancies
The Hazardous Materials Business Plan Form, which includes the Business Activity Notification Form and the Owner / Operator Form is used as the complete application package for a Hazardous Materials Storage Permit.

Underground Tank & Tiered Permit Facilities
The State UPCF forms for Underground Storage Tanks and Tiered Permit Facilities can be obtained from the Unidocs website.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Customer Satisfaction Survey is mailed with each permit certificate and is used to get feedback from the regulated businesses about how the Gilroy CUPA is doing.